Bill Details

Why Revise the Criminal Code?

What Does the Revised Code Do?

Whose Idea Was This?

  • The RCCA is the product of 16 years of research, writing, deep listening, and compromise.
  • The Criminal Code Reform Commission held 51 public meetings and published 4,734 pages of commentary.
  • The Criminal Code Reform Commission Advisory Group included:
    • The Office of the Attorney General
    • The US Attorney’s Office
    • The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
    • The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice
    • The DC Council Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety
    • Law Professors
  • The Advisory Group unanimously voted to send the RCCA recommendations to the DC Council. 
  • The DC Council held three public hearings on the RCCA in 2021, over a year before the Council voted on the final revised bill. 
    • During those hearings, the Council heard from members of the public, people with lived experience in the criminal legal system, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, experts who helped research and write the bill, national experts on criminal justice, representatives from the Mayor’s office, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Office of the Attorney General, the US Attorney’s Office, and local community advocates. 

How Did The Commission Decide What to Change?